Privacy Policy - I Do Wedding Favours

We are committed to safeguard your privacy online. Please read the following information to gain a better understanding of how your information will be used.

What information do we collect from you?

As part of your order we ask you for your name, contact details, and sometimes other personal information relating to your wedding. If you order using a credit card we also collect this data. Credit card details are sent over a secure server and are not stored by us in any way.

How do you use my Information?

We use contact data in order to be able to contact you and deliver your goods. We use personal information in order to deliver goods in a timely fashion and to personalise your goods.

Credit card data is not held by us after the order is processed. It is not passed on to any other agency.

We do not pass your contact details onto any other agency in any way

What else you need to know about your privacy?

When contacting us, please ensure you do not send us your card details by email as a reference. You are issued with an order reference number and this should be used to inform us of your details

Please contact Janet if you have any queries. We are always happy to talk with our customers.