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Boxed Spoons - Wedding Gifts

Ideal and traditional for the bride or the couple, handmade from hardwood in a light or dark finish, the Wedding spoon, the Anniversary spoon or the Personalized Spoon are boxed and provided with a gift card to enclose personal thoughts to create the gift they will always treasure. Please choose from any of the spoons shown. Make sure you enter the intials or numerals you want carved into the anniversary and personalised spoons.

For further details please contact Janet.

Boxed Wedding Spoon
The perfect gift for the bride or couple.
Includes gift card.
(Personalized £1.00 extra.)
(Spoon) 13.5 inches
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Buy @ £14.99 each


Boxed Anniversary Spoon
A great gift for a loving couple,
or to give to each other.
Includes gift card. (Personalized £1.00 extra.)
(Spoon) 14.75 inches
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Buy @ £19.99 each

Anniversary Numerals

Boxed Personalised Spoon
Carved with the initials of the bride or groom, the perfect commemorative gift.
Includes gift card. (Personalized £1.00 extra.)
(Spoon) 14.75 inches
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Buy @ £29.99 each

Choice of Initials (up to 2)

.....In todays materialistic society there is more pressure on men to be romantic and show affection through -as they say - splashing cash!.
Some could argue that showing affection and winning a girls heart is a lot easier than it used to be. For instance, today a couple of clicks
of a mouse is all that is needed for a man to order a bunch of flowers or chocolates with a personal message to be delivered the very same day.

Showing romance and affection through a gift is a really lovely notion but it is not quite what it was hundreds of years ago in the Celtic lands
of Wales and the west country. The traditional method of wooing a lady included showing time, and patience to express feelings through a love token.
This consisted of carving a love spoon. A wooden spoon made from a single piece of wood, including symbols to further express feelings and intentions.
This meant that the young man could also showcase his practical abilities, skill and creativity, - showing the lady and her family that he is capable of
looking after her and their future children. If she accepted the spoon and displayed it in her home it meant she was accepting his offer of becoming
her betrothed. (It is believed that this is where the term -spooning- came from.) As you can imagine, not all courtships were looked upon favourably
and love spoons could also be a private message between lovers, carved and shared in secret. However, accepting and displaying the spoon could be
regarded as the ultimate expression of commitment in the eyes of the family and community.

As gentlemen tried harder and harder to convey all their feelings to a lady the more intricate and detailed the spoons would become. Over time,
the majority of beautiful and meaningful love spoons were used to adorn family homes.
It is intriguing to imagine how a lady may react to a gift of a handmade love spoon from her lover today; as men rarely make love spoons for
the women they admire now. The oldest dated love spoon held in the National History Museum in Cardiff dates back to 1667!

Love spoons today are very popular with visitors to the Celtic lands as souvenirs, but for a Welsh person particularly, the love spoon represents so much more.
It is a very meaningful tradition to the people of Wales as its historical Celtic roots indicate.

Demonstrating the esteem in which the Welsh Love Spoon is held, was the gift to Prince William and his new Duchess, of a personal love spoon
created to celebrate their recent wedding. Indeed for all of us, the handmade Welsh Love Spoon as a memento of a wedding it is a special gift
to be treasured forever.

A Welsh Love Spoon is a perfect gift of love and affection so if you are thinking of asking the one you love to be your wife why not use this
traditional and romantic gesture alongside an elegant and stylish Platinum Engagment Ring.

Please see our website for a selection of love spoons including: miniature love spoon wedding favours, diamanté love spoon wedding favours
and beautifully hand-crafted romantic heart to heart love spoon wedding favours handmade wooden love spoons.